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ALL MY CHILDREN - Head Writer For A Day (HWFAD)

I often Rant about what I do not like or sometimes what I like about the show. But that is a different page. This page is just for fun. It gives me the chance to be head writer for the day. So here's my view of the Valley if I were writing it.

Soaps are about history. Using the past to help create new storylines and in that fashion here's what I would have happen on the show using the Characters already on the canvas.

January 14, 2009

  • Randi turns out to be David or Jake's daughter.
  • JR and Amanda fight to stay together but are hindered by David and Jake.
  • David learns that he has a daughter (Randi) and when she discovers his past is ashamed to be related to him. David struggles with his new found daughters rejection thus distracting him from his plan to make his enemies pay.
  • Rebecca tells Angie that now that she's going to live she's going to fight for Jesse...Rebecca isn't as sweet as she seems.
  • Coby is attacked at Willow Lake and shuts everyone out as she deals with the trauma. Adam is at wits end in wanting to save his daughter from her pain. Pete goes sleuthing to discover the attacker and tries to stop him on his own.
  • David and Angie battle over the permanent job of Chief of Staff of PVH.
  • As Amanda is about to marry Jake, JR must get her to see that they belong together.
  • Randi sets out to become the next Media Mogul of Pine Valley. After having dealt publicly with her past she sets her sights on the big picture. But she will go head to head with Erica and things will get nasty.
  • Adam discovers a secret about one of the Valleyites and he puts a plan in motion that will rock most all the residents. When his plan affects Colby, Adam must decide if it's all worth it or does he put his broaken daughter ahead of his ego.
  • Brooke arrives in town for a brief visit to sell Tempo, as she's begun a freelance career. (This would allow Julia Barr to come back from time to time and punch up the storylines). Who Brooke sells to will shock everyone including Adam.

Updated: January 14, 2009
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