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"I've never seen you like this." ~ Taylor
"We have the same maturity level so we bonded right away."
~ Tad talking about baby Trevor, 2009

"Wow he's a charmer."
~ Reese talking about David
"He has his moments, few and far between, but he has them."
~ Greenlee, 2008

"I'm so not a party person."
~ Taylor
"Oh sure you are."
~ Jake
"Tell that to the guy who I killed at the last fiesta I was dragged to against my will"
~ Taylor, 2008

"That's just what we need another really big picture of you!"
~ Greenlee to Erica, 2008

"I'm not like the other men in your life. You don't get a pass with me."
~ Chris to Erica, 2003

"I Googled Aggie."
~ Opal
"Oh for God's sake you taught her the computer."
~ Tad, 2008

"Nighty Night Mr. C." ~ Pete to Adam, 2008

"That's excellent." ~ Adam
"It does?" ~ Pete
"Of course it does you muppet!" ~ Adam, 2008

"You know Adam I think I've finally figured out what the hell is going on around here." ~ Jackson
"Good for you next time leave a message." ~ Adam, 2008

"How do you love someone that you don't want to love? ~ Babe
"Easy...Part of me still loves you." ~ Bianca, 2006

"Well if it isn't Jackpot Montgomery."
~ Erica, 2004

"What is this, national play dumb for Greenlee month?"
~ Greenlee to Kendall, 2003

"Where I'm from it's not a real fight unless someone ends up cut, shot or killed."
~ Randi's response to Kendall and Annie's fued, 2008

"Carmen has had numerous relationships."
~ Erica
"And how does that make her any different than you?"

~ Jackson
, 2008

"Where are you going?"
~ Greenlee
"I'm going to get a JP, a couple of witness because me and you baby are going to get married."
~ Aidan, 2008

"So what do you say Devane. In front of God, Elvis' ghost and the tackiest cherubs than I've seen in my life...will you marry me?"
~ Greenlee proposes to Aidan in Las Vegas, 2008

"She pretends to give me authority when I don't really have any at all."
~ Babe talking about Kendall
"Sounds like me and the Silver Bullet."
~ Carmen, 2008

"Scratch the been there part...I wouldn't know a nice guy if he bit me in the a$$."
~ Amanda to Randi, 2008

"For all you know the reason I'm here is 'cause I lost something."
~ Tad
"Your mind?"
~ Jesse, 2008

"What's your legal beagel doing here? Did you get arrested again?"
~ Kendall to Simone upon seeing Kenny, 2003

"What's that?"
~ Erica
"That's my crock pot."
~ Myrtle
"Oh...that's what a crock pot looks like."
~ Erica, 2003

"A few nature shows and suddently you're the Croc Hunter?"
~ Danielle to Reggie, 2004

"I'll just help myself. It work for Kendall didn't it?"
~ Greenlee making reference to Kendall sleeping with Aidan, 2008

"In my heart I was always married to you even before we met."
~ Zach to Kendall, 2008

"I think you've been eating too much spotted dick. It's affected your brain."
~ Kendall to Aidan, 2003

"I think Janet really loved you Amanda."
~ Babe
"She blew up a a house full of people for me...Thanks Mom!"
~ Amanda, 2008

"Well my Mom would be a nun if it weren't for pool boys and gardners."
~ Greenlee, 2008

"Your worried about Babe."
~ Krystal
"As far as I'm concerned she could be a very pretty, very petite Lizzie Borden."
~ Tad, 2003

"I can't believe your father tried to bribe this judge."
~ Jackson
"It's his way of showing he cares."
~ Hayley, 2001

"Why can't you just respect my wishes?"
~ Erica to Kendall
"What would be the fun in that."
~ Greenlee, 2003

"Carlos forgave me because he thinks I was a bitch because my husband died."
~ Greenlee
"Do you want me to call him back here and tell him that you've always been a bitch?"
~ Simone, 2001

"You can't fight it Erica. You and Jackie got mad chemistry"
~ Carmen to Erica, 2008

"Believe in us."
~ Zach to Kendall, 2008

"Don't worry Zach, flipping through a few bridal mags won't make you any less of a man than you are."
~ Greenlee
"So says the woman who made me dance around a pole."
~ Zach, 2008

"I need to see my lawyer...Jackson Montyummy...Montgomery."
~ Erica, 2008

"That woman is having the worst meldown I've ever seen and I'm including my own."
~ Erica about Maria, 2005

"I want an Husband NOT a field marshall!"
~ Erica to Jack, 2005

"Isn't it past your bedtime?"
~ Eria to Mary (Implying Age), 2005

"Am I Maureen now Zach?"
~ Maria
"No you're Maria."
~ Zach, 2005

"I can handle Slater and I can handle Kendall."
~ Jackson
"This would be so much easier if you could think like a woman!"
~ Erica, 2005

"I'm glad you could make it."
~ Tad
"I wouldn't miss it a game of sticking the tail on the ass."
~ Aidan
"Um...that's donkey."
~ Tad, 2008

"Aw honey I can handle men with bad attitudes, I've had lots of Practice." ~ Opal to Babe abut Richie, 2008

"Hey you made it!"
~ Tad
"Sure, no place I'd rather be."
~ Zach
"I had my doubts with the Erica Kane dramatic rescue."
~ Tad
"Not a hair out of place."
~ Zach, 2008

"Can you believe it's been a year since she was born, what a day that was?" ~ Krystal talking about Jenny
"Yeah, all the crying and screaming, and that was just me."
~ Colby, 2008

"I dream big, I don't give up." ~ Erica to Carmen, 2008

"Hey there Jenny Jr."
~ Jesse after meeting Jenny Martin

"I have the eyes of a hawk."
~ Jesse
"A hawk who needs glasses."
~ Angie

"Do you know how long we're planning on staying at Satan's fortress"
~ Babe to Krystal about moving into Adam's, 2008

"Leave it to Erica to get arrested in a Ball Gown."
~ Greenlee, 2008

"Take me home and ravage me."
~ Greenlee to Aidan, 2008

"...just remember if you need anything just whistle."
~ Tad
"That was a terrible Bogart."
~ Angie
"Shows you what you know I was doing Lauren Bacall."
~ Tad, 2008

"That's okay Greenlee...we all know that Ryan is the only man in here who's had sex with you, me and Kendall."
~ Annie, trapped in elevator with Greens, Kendall, Aidan, Zach and Ryan, 2008

"Everybody just calm down that's the past, we're in each others lives, lets deal with the present."
~ Zach
"The present...is that a joke, I mean seriously my present right now is four years ago."
~ Ryan, 2008

"Are you listening to me?"
~ Jesse trying to get Angie to leave
"Jesse Hubbard!"
~ Angie
~ Jesse, 2008

"Fusion fun...makeup, perfume and go-go boys."
~ Zach to Ryan after seeing him pole dance with Annie, 2008

"You are such a corporate slut."
~ Amanda
"Well remove the world corporate and we are practically sisters."
~ Babe, 2008

"Who elected her goddess of this event." ~ Amanda talking about Erica
"She did." ~ Babe, 2008

"Come on Erica this isn't easy in 4" heels."
~ Amanda Hanging a Poster
"Tell me about it."
~ Erica standing supervising, 2008

"Did I do something to piss you off somehow?" ~ JR to Adam, 2008

"Hmm...hot and psycho..sounds like a perfect match."
~ Ava talking about Richie and Babe, 2008

"Playing God is a pretty tough gig Ryan...even for you."
~ Josh, 2008

"I smell a rat JR."
~ Adam
"Then maybe you should try a new after shave."
~ JR, 2008

"Poor Kendall, famous author...boo fricken hoo."
~ Greenle to Kendall over her meltdown about having her Book Published, 2008

"You know if I had known that a hole in the head was going to feel this good I would have drilled one myself."
~ Ryan talking about getting shot in the head, 2007

"That's how we suck you in. We wine you and dine you and ten thousand calories later you're part of the DuPres/Hayward Crime Family."
~ Leo to Maggie, 2002
"Very funny will you pass the crab cakes Vito." ~ David

"It's not like it's a real marriage." ~ Colby
"Not yet."
~ Tad who wants to make love to his wife, 2007

"I'm a little rusty on my church history...but is there a St. Erica or is she going for beatification all on her own?"
~ Kendall talking about Erica, 2001

"We ended up friends, remember?"
~ Amanda to Janet about Jamie
"No, but I'm sure I should." ~ Janet, 2007

"Sweetheart you can confide in me. I'm fully medicated now. I'm not going to dismember a man just because he let you down."
~ Janet to Amanda, 2007

"It's an old story, first it was Jamie, and then Jonathan and now JR, I can't win."~ Amanda
"I think your problem is alphabetical. The J's, Jonathan, Jamie, JR, I think you should change letters...try C."
~ Janet, 2007

"I'm very intuitive Sweetheart...when I'm not hallucinating." ~ Janet to Amanda, 2007

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