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Wednesday - February 10, 2010
Jack can't believe his eyes when Greenlee appears before him. After explaining how David hid her away for a year, Greenlee threatens to disappear from Jack's life again if he presses charges against David. Greenlee demands that Jack not tell anyone, especially Ryan, that she's alive. Erica and Ryan have a bittersweet parting with each agreeing they still want to keep their friendship alive. Ryan opens up to Erica about his lingering feelings for Greenlee. David pushes Ryan's buttons to the point where Ryan hauls off and slugs him. Using her cell phone, Colby captures a video of Scott and Annie's smoldering kiss. Annie later destroys Colby's phone and the gloves are definitely off between the two adversaries. JR tells Adam he doesn't want or need him in his life but Adam's determined to help JR through his health crisis.

Tuesday - February 9, 2010
Kendall calls Erica and admits her discomfort at the idea of an Erica/Ryan pairing. Erica confides to Opal that she's questioning her relationship with Ryan and has come to the conclusion that by being together, they're both holding each other back from finding the person they're truly meant to be with. Erica later tells Ryan that she can't go away with him as planned and breaks things off. Greenlee reveals herself to Jack. Marissa angrily confronts David after receiving his wedding invitation. David refuses to tell her his mystery bride's identity. Marissa tells David he seems to ignore her--the only true family he has in Pine Valley. Annie flirts with Scott as she ponders what would happen if Adam were to terminate the merit trust he's put into effect. Colby remains determined to get Annie out of Adam's life. Adam embraces JR when he learns JR's cancer has returned.

Monday - February 8, 2010
Jack surprises Erica when he appears on her doorstep unexpectedly. Erica's relieved at first when she comes to believe Jack's visit is in response to the attack on Fusion but he quickly lets her know he's concerned about her relationship with Ryan. David taunts Ryan, leading him to believe that the attack on Fusion was directed at Ryan himself. A hidden Greenlee listens as Ryan tells David that he's come to accept Greenlee's death and has moved on. Tad, Amanda and Liza are concerned about Jake's vendetta against David and the lengths to which he'll go to get revenge. David stuns Tad, Liza, Jake and Amanda when he announces he's getting married on Valentine's Day and invites them all to the wedding. Greenlee's a mix of emotions as she thinks about Ryan.

Friday - February 5, 2010
Greenlee urges David to stay and fight for what's theirs by getting married. Greenlee fantasizes about hurting Ryan as much as he's hurt her. Erica sets out to try and get the truth out of David but he gives nothing away. Erica is surprised when someone she recognizes shows up at her door. Amanda's shocked at how far Jake is willing to go to get David out of their lives. Opal can't shake the feeling that something wicked is headed everyone's way.

Thursday, February 4, 2010
Greenlee narrowly avoids being discovered by Ryan when he barges into Wildwind with the firemen who have responded to the smoke alarms going off. David covers his tracks when Jesse questions him about his fingerprints being found on the flash drive that was used to sabotage Fusion's computer system. Ryan shares his theory about the flash drive with Jesse - he thinks Greenlee created it years ago to prevent Fusion from ever getting in the wrong hand, and think that David's now using it. Greenlee has renewed vigor in her quest for revenge against Ryan and Erica. Ryan and Jesse inform Erica of their suspicions about David. JR devastates Colby when he admits he has cancer and has slipped out of remission. Colby tries to get Liza to protect Damon from burglary charges, but Liza's reluctant. Liza's shocked to realize how involved Colby has become with Damon. When Damon claims that his alibi is being in Colby's bed, Bailey dumps him. Colby accuses Liza of not wanting to help Damon so she can get baby Stuart back.

Wed, February 03, 2010

Ryan and Erica learn the extent of the damage done to Fusion's software system but vow to rise from the ashes and rebuild. David claims to Angie and Jake that Nurse Gayle is the patient he's treating (he's trying to cover for Greenlee). Jesse confronts David after finding his fingerprint on the flash drive that was used to sabotage Fusion's computer system. Greenlee accidentally causes the room to fill with smoke from the fireplace before passing out. Ryan hears the smoke alarm going off when he arrives at Wildwind. Krystal's embarrassed to admit to Tad that she hurt herself when she and Rob fell out of bed while having sex. Liza picks up on the easy dynamic between Tad and Krystal. Marissa reopens old emotional wounds when she confronts David at the hospital. Natalia encourages Jesse to spend more time with Angie and overcome he distance between them.

Tue, February 02, 2010
Having seen Ryan and Erica together, Greenlee wants to hurt Ryan the same way he's hurt her. To that end, Greenlee sends David to Ryan's penthouse where he secretly swipes a flash drive she had hidden there. Greenlee explains to David that the drive contains a virus that she's going to use to sabotage Fusion's computer software. Adam catches Damon in Colby's room. Colby tries to patch things up between Damon and Bailey. Annie finagles her way into getting Adam to agree to let her work with Scott at Chandler Enterprises. Jake and Tad learn that David didn't return to Pine Valley alone but don't realize that Greenlee is his travelling companion. Tad strikes out when he tries to question David's pilot but Jake manages to intercept the package the pilot was waiting for. Jake is surprised to find that David was receiving a shipment of drugs he deduces are being used to treat someone who's either underwent a transplant of some sort or is undergoing stem cell therapy.

Mon, February 01, 2010
Opal tells Jake and Amanda she had a premonition that David is headed back to town. Tad later calls Jake to warn him that he thought he caught a glimpse of David outside of Confusion. After assuring Liza he has no feelings for Krystal, Tad and Liza agree that their relationship is in a good place. Erica takes the bull by the horns and publicly declares that she and Ryan are involved. Back at Wildwind, David reluctantly lets Greenlee know that Ryan is seeing someone but doesn't mention Erica. Greenlee hides when Tad and Jake appear at David's door demanding to know why he's back in town. After sneaking out while David deals with Tad and Jake, Greenlee makes her way to Ryan's penthouse and sees him and Erica having sex.


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