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Trivia ~ Questions

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1. Q: Who did Greg Nelson marry on Valentine's Day?

2. Q:
Who lives at 25 White Oaks Drive?

3. Q:
What resident opened a restaurant called The Goalpost?

4. Q:
Why did Donna think she'd never have any children?

5. Q:
What is Bianca and Babe's children's birthday?

6. Q:
When Erica was accused of murdering Kent Bogard, her attorney recommended she plead temporary insanity. Who was her attorney?

7. Q:
When Liza was younger and needed therapy and a place to live while under going therapy where did she live?

8. Q:
Who was Erica's first husband?

9. Q:
What was the name of Jenny Gardner's first fiance?

10. Q:
What are the names of Joe Martin's children?

11. Q:
How many children did Langley Wallingford have?

12. Q:
Who was the first actress who won the Emmy for AMC?

13. Q:
Who was Ross Chandler's father?

14. Q: What are the names of Adam Chandler's children?

15. Q: What color was Hayley Santos' hair when she first came to Pine Valley?

16. Q: What was the name of Ruth's first Husband?

17. Q: What was the name of the mother of Jeremy Hunter's son?

18. Q: What is Tim Dillon's biological father's name?

19. Q: What are the names of Palmer Cortlandt's children?

20. Q: What was the name of the special poem that Cliff and Nina Warner shared?

21. Q: How did Dixie first come into Adam Chander's life?

22. Q: What is Phoebe Wallingford's connection to Cecily Davidson?

23. Q: Who was Natalie Marlowe's matron of honor at her wedding to Palmer Cortlandt?

24. Q: What was the name of Angelique Merek's mother?

25. Q: Who resides at 1219 Hillcrest Drive?

26. Q: What is Bianca Montgomery's birthday?

27. Q: Who are Sam Grey's biological Parents?

28. Q: What was Noah doing when Julia first met him?

29. Q: When did AMC debut?

30. Q: Name the three original cast members who remain on the show today?

31. Q: What happened on January 5, 1995?

32. Q: When Brian Bodine's brother Trask joined the marines who became Brian's legal guardian?

33. Q: Who was the father of Terrence Frye?

34. Q: Who played Ceara Connor?

35. Q: Who moved into 400 Lake Drive, Apartment 3G in 2003?

36. Q: How are Brooke English and Phoebe Wallingford related?

37. Q: Other than being Palmer's housekeeper what was Myra Sloan's relationship with him?

38. Q: What was the name of Tim Dillion's Dog?

39. Q: What nickname did Trevor Dillion have for niece Hayley?

40. Q: What nickname did Hayley have for Trevor?

41. Q: What was Kate Martin's late husband's name?

42. Q: How did Natalie Dillion become blind?

43. Q: What was Langley Wallingford's real name?

44. Q: Who is Jamal Cudahey's biological father?

45. Q: What was the fake name Erica used when she first applied for a job as a waitress in Sea City?

46. Q: What was the name of Erica Kane's Autobiography?

47. Q: What was the name of the town where Palmer and Adam grew up?

48. Q: Who left Tad a fortune and a winery in her will?

49. Q: What are the names of Tom Cudahey's wives?

50. Q: What was Natalie Dillon's maiden name?

51. Q: Paul Martin once traveled to Landview (One Life To Live) to defend someone from murder charges. Who what that person?

52. Q: Who won the Man of Enchantment title?

53. Q: What was the name of Daisy's cat?

54. Q: How many husband's did Dixie have?

55. Q: What was Cecily Davidson's mother's name?

56. Q: How many husbands did Phoebe Wallingford have?

57. Q: How did Natalie Hunter gain her millions?

58. Q: Who originally owned the Boutique? (BONUS: Who bought the Boutique from the original owners?)

59. Q: Who Raped Ruth Martin?

60. Q: What Pine Valley Citizen was also known as Cobra the international drug cartel leader?

61. Q: Who tried to lure Silver Kane into killing her 1/2 sister Erica?

62. Q: Who tricked Phoebe Wallingford into marriage and then left town disguised as a women after trying to kill her?

63. Q: What was the name of the campaign for Sensual Cosmetics that started Erica's career?

64. Q: How did Dr. Cliff Warner first meet Nina Cortlandt?

65. Q: Who looked identical to long lost Orsini Heir Ted Orsini?

66. Q: Who originally stood trial for the murder of Will Cortlandt?

67. Q: How did Natalie Dillion die?

68. Q: What is the name of Jackson Montgomery's only wife?

69. Q: What is the name of the Reverand that married Kendall and "Michael"?

70. Q: What is Bianca Montgomery's middle name?

71. Q: After divorcing Erica Kane who did Jeff Martin marry?

72 Q: What was Benny Sago's relationship with Phoebe Tyler?

73. Q: What year did Kitty Tyler die of a Brain Tumor?

74. Q: Who went by the name of Monique Jonvil until her true identity was revealed?

75. Q: Who was jailed for his part in the death of Alex Hunter?

76. Q: Who was instrumental in getting Palmer Cortlandt and Opal Purdy together?

77. Q: How long was Dimitri's wife Angelique in a coma?

78. Q: Where was Erica when she discoverd her father Eric Kane was alive? (BONUS: What was the name he was going by?)

79. Q: What Citizen was also known as the drug kingpin Proteus? (BONUS: What and Where was the Proteus Fortune?)

80. Q: What was the alias that Erica Kane went by while performing as a Vegas Show Girl in 2004?

81. Q: What was the name of Stuart Chandler's first wife?

82. Q: Where did Erica Kane and Tom Cudahy honeymoon?

83. Q: How did Chuck Tyler's parents die?

84. Q: What couple were originally adopting Tad but when the wife died Joe and Ruth ended up adopting the lad?

85. Q: What was the name of Mark Dalton's murdered drug dealer?

86. Q: What was the first job that Dixie held when she came to Pine Valley?

87. Q: How much did Ellen Shepherd pay to buy the restaurant The Chateau from Adam Chandler?

88. Q: What was the name that Myrtle Fargate used when she tried to convince Kitty Shea that she was the mother she'd never known?

89. Q: Who was Leo DuPres' father?

90. Q: What is the connection between Ben Shepherd and Kendall Hart?

91. Q: Why did Leo DuPres marry his first wife?

92. Q: Where was Greenlee Smythe DuPres Lavery Born? (Bonus: How much did she weigh?)

93: Q: What was the name of the clinic where Bianca went to for help with her eating disorder?

94: Q: What is the zip code of Pine Valley?

95: Q: Who's wedding wedding anniversary is April 8th? (Hint both times they married they did so on this date)

96: Q: What was the name (first and last) of Bianca's first girlfriend?

97: Q: How many siblings does Anna Devane have? (Bonus: Name them?)

Updated: January 8, 2010
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