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Residents of Springfield

Residents of Springfield

Gus Aitoro
Dr. Rick Bauer

Dr. Ed Bauer
Maureen Reardon Bauer
Michelle Bauer
Henry Cooper Bradshaw
Jenna Bradshaw
Henry Chamberlain
Buzz Cooper
Frank Cooper
Harley Cooper
Marina Cooper

Annie Dutton
Cyrus Foley
Dr. Eve Guthrie
Tangie Hill

Cassie Layne Lewis

Bill Lewis

Billy Lewis
Daisy Lewis
Dylan Lewis
H.B. Lewis
Joshua Lewis
Marah Lewis
Mindy Lewis
Reva Shayne Lewis
Shayne Lewis
Dinah Marler


Blake Thorpe Marler

Jeffrey O'Neill
Ava Peralta
Natalia Rivera Aitoro
Rafe Rivera
Beth Raines
Jonathan Randall
Holly Lindsey Reade
Bridget Reardon
Matt Reardon
Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon
Alan Spaulding
Alan-Michael Spaulding
Alexandra Spaulding

Lizzie Spaulding

Olivia Spencer
Roger Thorpe
Ashlee Wolfe
Doris Wolfe

Family Galleries

Aitoro Family
Andros Family

Bauer Family
Bordeau Family
AC Mallet & Julie Cameletti
Chamberlain Family
Coopers Family

Grant Family
Lewis Family
Marler Family
Raines Family
Reade Family
Reardon Family
Rivera Family

Santos Family
Shayne Family
Spaulding Family
Speaks Family
Spencer Family

Thorpe Family
Williams Family
Winslow Family


Josh and Reva
The Couples
Tammy and Jonathan
Beth and Alan
Cassie and Josh

Dinah and Mallet
Harley and Gus

Ashlee and Coop

Bill and Lizzie

Olivia and Natalia

Natalia and Gus

Olivia and Gus

Phillip and Beth


The Openings
Maureen Bauer Tribute
Roger Thorpe Tribute

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