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"I didnt' think you would be home." ~ Alan
"Um...I'm not."
~ Olivia, 2003

"You know I come with a warning. Read your instructions."
~ Olivia to Gus, 2007

"She was some eternally chipper Mary Poppins. The truth is...I envied her." ~ Olivia about Natalia, 2009

"Fabulous I just bought the most amazing black outfit pefect for dinner or ah sneaking around."
~ Dinah to Bill, 2007

"So you never knew you had this boy?" ~ Alan after learning about Rafe
"It seems to be a reoccuring theme with this family."
~ Gus, 2007

"So your brilliant idea to win her back was to tell her we slept together...how's that going?

~ Harley to Mallet about Dinah, 2006

"Where did you come from?"
~ Lizzie
"Hell you sent me there remember?" ~ Jonathan, 2006

"You can be scared and be strong. It's all part of being a man."
~ Bill to Josh, 2007

"I'm so happy I can scream!" ~ Lizzie Spaulding on getting married
"I'm sure that's how Coop feels...like screaming."

~ Jonathan Randall, 2006

"The Last Time I saw you, you were about to become Mr. Lizzie Spaulding." ~ Olivia
"Very Funny...no it didn't happen."
~ Coop, 2006

"The Baby...it's not mine."
~ Coop
"What do you mean the baby's not yours?"
~ Frank
"It's Jonathan Randall's."
~ Coop
"Jonathan?...and Lizzie?...I hope I'm retired by the time that baby grows up!"
~ Frank, 2006

"We saw Santa." ~ Jude
"He was peeing on a Christmas Tree. Uncle Frank said he was blizted." ~ Zach, 2007

"Aren't you supposed to be in your coffin until midnight?" ~ Olivia to Alan, 2007

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