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One Life To Live - Classic Lines

"I'm from Michigan this snow storm is nothing." ~ Gigi to Charlie, 2010

"Where's my doll collection going to go?"
~ Jessica
"In my gun cabinent."
~ Antonia, 2004

"Should we be asking your brother to sit with us?"
~ Charlie

"Are you insane?"
~ Viki, 2009

"Hey we're like Thelma and Louise...and Louise. Well if they were trying to help an escaped Mental patient dressed as nuns."

~ Alison Perkins to Jessica and Natalie, 2008

"It's classic, you lying to Bo in a court of law."
~ Dorian to Nora, 2008

"Are they going to kill each other?"
~ Langston asking about Blair and Adriana
"Yeah...get used to it."
~ Starr, 2007

"Yes Clint, got married but you have a full year to send a gift."
~ David to Clint, 2007

"If I remove your muzzle will you promise me you won't scream?"
~ Nigel to Olivia, 2007

"Ow...you're supposed to pinch yourself!"
~ David to Dorian, 2007

"You think I want you dead?"
~ Natalie
"Doesn't everyone."
~ Spencer, 2006

"Can you not bare to be alone?"
~ Dorian talking about Viki letting go of Clint
"I'd kill to be alone...now!"
~ Viki, 2006

"When we get out of this I'm going to make sure you get what you deserve."
~ Margaret
"Thanks Margaret I'll take a cashiers check but I prefer cash instead."
~ David, 2006

"He's a killer!"
~ Natalie talking about Spencer
"He's a homocidal maniac."
~ Bo
"There's a difference?"
~ Natalie, 2006

"I can read."
~ Roxie
"That's news to me."
~ Max, 2002

"So this is war?"
~ Dorian
"Whatever...as long as you leave!"
~ Viki, 2006

"I don't know if she's lying but it was really weird, she walked into Jack's room and she was all sweet and cheerful."
~ Todd talking about Starr
"Oh no something must be terribly wrong."
~ Blair, 2002

"Are you insane?"
~ Viki
"No...you cornered that market along time ago."
~ Dorian, 2007

"Am I missing something?"
~ Langston
"I told you that my Aunt Viki and Aunt Dorian are mortal enemies, right?"
~ Starr, 2007

"Balsom's a P.I. Shut it."
~ Gigi to Rex, 2007

"You know something John, I am going to write a novel. And you know what this novel is going to be about a cop and I think I'm going to name him..."
~ Marcie
"Jerk McDuff."
~ Michael
"That's a really good name."
~ Marcie
"That is a good name."
~ John, 2007

"Mike...this isn't getting us anywhere."
~ John to Michael about being hung off the edge of a building
"It's making me feel a lot better."
~ Michael, 2007

"One of these days I'm going to put you two in a ring and sell tickets."
~ David to Dorian and Viki, 2005

"Your source is David...David who lies more than road kill on a country highway!"
~ Clint
"I know that David is how shall we say...honesty challenged but in this case he's telling the truth."
~ Dorian, 2007

"One woman's suspitions is another woman's abiding love."
~ David to Marty about Dorian, 2007

"I guess three makes a fifth wheel."
~ Roxie to Jessica and Nash, 2007

"I used to take care of Jessica when she was just a little rug rat." ~ Roxie to Viki, 2007

"Adriana...Spuds here."
~ Rex announcing Tate's at the door, 2007

"You can be macho and gay."
~ Rex
"Yeah like the Village People."
~ Roxie, 2007

"My family is freaking out about this trial and I have so much homework."
~ Starr, 12/5/06

"Why does she need to be careful?"
~ Kelly asks David about warning to Dorian
"You know it's an expression, like I value your opinion or hey let me pick up the check."
~ David, 2004

"You blackmailed me into marrying you. That doesn't make for a devoted wife."
~ Marty to Miles, 2007

"I'm going to find a way to make you love me." ~ Miles
"Don't Hold your breath." ~ Marty, 2007

I'm not good at goodbyes. I'm more accustomed to angry mobs chasing me out of town." ~ David to Dorian, 2006

"How did you know to do that?" ~ Marcie
"When Natalie was a baby she was a real screamer...boy not much has changed."
~ Roxie after using the vaccum to calm down Tommy, 2006

"My bank account is crazy about Asa." ~ Roxie to Rex, 2002

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